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Lauren Caroline Voisin was born in Canmore, Alberta on January 31, 2005.  Lauren passed away in Calgary, Alberta on April 9, 2020 surrounded by family and loved ones. She was a beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend.

Lauren’s life was filled with exploration, travel and discovery. Early on, she started tinkering with electronics. Exceptionally inquisitive and always looking for new and exciting projects, she founded Robots R Fun when she was eight. Her company’s robot kits were designed to inspire other young girls to be creative with electronics and passionate about science. 

Lauren’s passion for science and technology opened the doors to many opportunities. She worked on the Mars112 Installation for Beakerhead, as a technical consultant for an escape room company, as an entrepreneur in residence, and as a Canada Learning Code Instructor. She also served as a member of the Calgary On Purpose Board and the WERKLUND Youth Leadership Board. 

Lauren was also a proud member of the STEAM Squad, a group of teenage girls that met online through Twitter, Instagram, etc. They created this group to be a team, to cheer their teammates on, to support each other, and overall, they try to get other kids involved in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.


Despite her young age, she was a seasoned public speaker, having been featured in a number of news stories and magazines, including Owl. She has given dozens of presentations for organizations such as The Walrus, TEDX, Singularity U, the United Nations Global Compact, and Calgary’s International Women’s Day. She was also a regular speaker and exhibitor at several international Maker Faires (including San Francisco, Calgary, and Shenzhen, China), for which she created several wearable pieces that each tell a story through fashion and technology. 

Lauren loved snorkeling and clowning around with her friends in the water. She enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons and Zelda, designing jewelry, martial arts, aerial silks, skiing and gliding. As a Flight Corporal with the 52 City of Calgary Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, she earned the Top Cadet Award and won a podium in their biathlon competition.


Lauren also loved making friends while traveling; she will be remembered dearly by friends throughout Canada, as well as in Italy, France, Spain, Holland, the United States, Qatar, and the UAE. 

Lauren always chose collaboration over competition. She loved the creative atmosphere of the Fuse33 Makerspace, where she eagerly shared her enthusiasm, help and understanding. She dreamt creating a collaborative place specifically dedicated to making the world a better place through invention.


Through the Lauren Foundation, Lauren’s ideas and goals can live on through the support of other 8-15 year olds with similar aspirations and goals. 

In this very emotional time, in lieu of sending the family condolences and individual messages, the family has asked that everyone focus on inspiring stories and happy memories from their interactions with Lauren.  Share your tales and pictures with Lauren on our Memorial Guestbook.

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To honor Lauren's wishes, her family and some of her mentors who cherished Lauren and her creative spark are coming together to create a fund to help young makers bring their ideas to life; whether it is helping build a prototype or finding mentorship, more details to come as the foundation is developed.

To support the foundation please visit the GoFundMe Campaign.

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